A large-scale accident in Greece, killing 11 people – 24 Channel

Масштабна ДТП у Греції: загинуло 11 людей - 24 Канал

On Saturday morning, 13 October, faced the van and the truck. The accident near the Greek city of Kavala eleven people were killed.

About it informs the local police.

The van caught fire, the passengers managed to escape from the fire trap. The driver of the truck survived and is in the hospital.

Масштабна ДТП у Греції: загинуло 11 людей - 24 Канал/
The accident killed 11 workers

Police believe that the victims of the accident were migrants who came from Turkey.

Watch the video large-scale accident:

Greek authorities say the increase in the number of illegal migrants who cross the Turkish-Greek border. Most of them carriers deliver to Thessaloniki, where they apply for asylum.

In the years 2015-16 through Greece ran so-called “Balkan route”, which the migrants came from the Middle East to Europe.

According to the international organization for migration (IOM), in the first half of this year, Greece received 14 678 migrants, half more than last year.

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