A large-scale accident in Kiev: injured children

Масштабное ДТП в Киеве: пострадали дети

In the Obolon district of Kyiv on the streets Dneprovodskaya, an accident with victims. Faced cars Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Elantra, Volkswagen Jetta and the bus. Suffered the little children, and woman. They were hospitalized in the hospital, reports the Informant.

The accident happened on July 30 at about 22:10.

According to law enforcement, initially near the entrance to the Toompea there was a slight collision between cars Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Elantra. The drivers put the emergency stop sign and waited the patrol police. After 10-15 minutes in them at full speed flew into Volkswagen, which caught the bus.

From hitting the car scattered on the roadway. At the time of accident Accent was a woman and two small children. The boy was admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, they received minor injuries. Previously, all drivers were sober. The mechanism of the collision and details of the accident are established.