A Lebanese citizen was attacked with a pistol on the underground casino in Sumy

Гражданин Ливана напал с пистолетом на подпольное казино в Сумах

The offender took the safe with the cash, but was arrested by the police.

On the day the verdict was heard, a Lebanese citizen, who in the night of 21st August last year attacked with a gun on gambling “Bingo gold”, located in Kharkiv to Sumy. Pulling on face knitted cap with the prepared slits for eyes, armed with a pneumatic gun, the robber threatened to kill the administrator of the claim that gave him the safe with the money, fearing to be murdered.

A criminal with a safe, ran outside, and ran away. Three houses from the underground casino, he was detained police came to the rescue. In the safe, which seized the robber, was nearly 80 thousand hryvnias.

Zarechny district court of Sumy sentenced a Lebanese man to five years imprisonment with a three-year suspended sentence. According to the court, the thief is going to really become on a correction way.