A lie affects health: scientists surprised by the opening

Как ложь влияет на здоровье: ученые удивили открытием

Scientists from the University of Arizona have discovered how the lie affects human health. It turns out that hiding the truth increases the risk of heart disease, writes newsyou.info.

During the study, the experts analyzed two models of emotion regulation: surface and deep. In the first type of man is showing his feelings to others, and the second involves concealing the true thoughts.

“In the end it turned out that uttering a lie, the person experiences stress. If you do this regularly, increases the load on the cardiovascular system, which suffers from the occurrence of nervous situations. As a result, significantly increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes”, – stated in the message.

That is, to speak the truth not only unnecessary from a moral point of view, but also due to increased risk of health problems.

Scientists say that by abandoning the lies, people will prolong their lives and protect the heart from disease. Of course, cheating is not the only factor affecting the vascular system. Therefore, the failure lies 100% protection from stroke or heart attack, but will help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

It is noted that the appearance of high blood pressure, unpleasant feelings in the head, swelling, shortness of breath and vomiting must consult a doctor. These symptoms include the first symptoms of heart disease.

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