“A love letter to aviation” is the debut trailer of the movie “top gun 2”

«Любовное письмо к авиации» - дебютный трейлер фильма «Лучший стрелок 2»

At the festival Comic-Con, taking place now in San Diego, was forever young Tom cruise (Tom Cruise) and presented the first trailer of the movie “top gun 2” (original title – Top Gun: Maverick) – the sequel of the “Top gang” 1986.

The story takes place 34 years after the events of the original. Maverick is now an instructor and teaches young pilots, including the son of the deceased partner named Gus. However, the government is going to replace the pilots of military drones, forcing the protagonist to once again jump into the cockpit of a fighter. According to Cruz, the sequel is a love letter to aviation.

The original painting was supposed to shoot the Director of the first film, Tony Scott (Tony Scott), but in 2012 he killed himself. After the incident, the shooting was postponed until better times, and eventually the place took Director Joseph Kosinski (Joseph Kosinsk), known for his work on “Tron: Legacy” and “Oblivion”.

Not counting Tom cruisein the film were played by miles teller (Miles Teller; “Obsession”), ed Harris (Ed Harris; “mind Games”), Jennifer Connelly (Jennifer Connelly; “Requiem for a dream”), Val Kilmer (Val Kilmer; “Fight”) and others.

On the big screens in Russia “top gun 2” will appear on 16 July 2020.