“A love letter to classic JRPG” – trailer Cris Tales

«Любовное письмо к классическим JRPG» - трейлер Cris Tales

Another fresh video on a PC Gaming Show video Cris Tales, which the developers describe as “a love letter to classic JRPG”.

Cris Tales tells of the journey of Crispell and her friends through the past, present and future. The purpose of the brave time travelers – to end the domination of the cruel Empress and prevent a cataclysm that threatens to destroy the world.

Turn-based battles in Cris Tales contain a unique magic mechanics of time – you have to learn from the past, act in the present to rewrite the future, as they say in the trailer. The story will unfold in five different regions and will lead to one of several endings.

The output of the Cris Tales on Steam is scheduled for 2020. A demo of the game, you can now download the service Valve, but hurry up – it will only be available until June 24.