A lover of touring in Russia MARUV performed in Moscow a song for the Eurovision song contest: photos

Любительница гастролей в России MARUV исполнила в Москве песню для Евровидения: фото

Ukrainian singer MARUV (real name – Anna Korsun), the famous scandal at the National selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019, April 5, spoke at the awards ceremony of the musical award “the HEAT Music Awards” in Moscow.

The actress, who recently presented a candid video for the song for Eurovision-2019, went to tour the territory of the aggressor country. Russian Super magazine published a picture of the performances of the singer in Instagram-Stories

So, MARUV performed his hit “Siren Song”, which won the national selection for Eurovision-2019.

Любительница гастролей в России MARUV исполнила в Москве песню для Евровидения: фото

MARUV / Instagram-Stories / @super.ru

In addition, for awards lit up another Russian gastralia singer Ani Lorak, who became winner in the nomination “Best of show”.

What is known about the participation MARUV in the national selection for Eurovision-2019

After the sudden cancellation of the singer TAYANNA from participation in the national selection of Eurovision-2019 the organizers of the show invited provocative MARUV the vocal project. Artist differed from the other participants not only outrageous style, but also a tour in Russia, which she publicly announced on the official page in Instagram. Then MARUV admitted that this is not her first solo performances in Russia, because before that she already performed there, in particular, on the world Cup.

However, such resonant details of creativity of the singer did not affect her participation in the vocal show. MARUV came on stage the second semi-final, shocking the audience with a sexy outfit and dancing. Before the performance, the singer presented a Frank video for the song Siren Song, in which he appeared naked in a bubble bath. Track rapidly flooded the network, and after her performance in the National selection, people launched a flash mob dancing to the song.

See MARUV provocative video for the song Siren Song: videos 18+

In the end, the voting results of the star judges and the audience, MARUV still won. But this was only the beginning of a scandal that erupted online. The national public broadcasting company of Ukraine has prepared the singer for the contract, but the parties have not found common ground in controversial issues. The NOTE took into account this experience, so in subsequent years, a requirement for participation in the national selection will be the absence of the artist tour in Russia.

After the scandal around MARUV the organizers of the first stage vocal show invited other singers to go to tel Aviv. However, they one after another refused. Therefore, no actor will take the stage of the Eurovision song contest-2019 under the flag of Ukraine.

The same MARUV this scandal benefited: her name is now known to all music lovers of the country and Europe. She still gave solo concerts in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Before departure to the country-aggressor, the actress received the award YUNA in 4 nominations: “Best electronic Heath”, “discovery of the year”, “Best song in a foreign language” and “the Best duet”.