A man thoroughly prepared for the wife’s birthday

Мужчина основательно подготовился ко дню рождения жены

The husband had prepared for his wife is not ordinary, but a shocking gift for a birthday.

Video of the moment the girl unpacks his published Twitter feed Naija Viralz.

A gift is not enough that spoiled the holiday for the girls, and left her without a home.

It all started innocently enough – a girl’s husband presented her with a huge bundle.

“What is it? There’s nothing shaking… It’s not like my necklace!” – said the girl.

Then she unwrapped it layer by layer until I found a few sheets of paper. She built the happy assumption that this could mean. But when she read the contents of papers, the fun quickly disappeared from her face. And her husband explained that it is a DNA paternity test that he found out that the child his wife – not his daughter.

“Why did you do this today, of all days?” – said the girl.

Her husband explained that he wanted her to know that he knows everything. And then demanded that she along with the girl left his house.