A measles outbreak in the Odessa region: the number of affected children was closer to 80

Вспышка кори на Одесчине: число заболевших детей приблизилось к 80

The number of cases of measles residents of the village of Shevchenkove Kiliya of the United territorial community of Odessa region increased to 78 people. On Friday, January 25, the disease was diagnosed in three children, reports “UNN”.

“Today added three more people is 78, it turns out. It was the children, two of them attend school, one not from organized groups,” – said to journalists in Odessa regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health.

In the heart said, all of the infected have not been vaccinated against measles.

The Chairman of the Chilia OTG Pavel Boychenko said that the quarantine in Kiliya, Shevchenkovo and Lisky extended to January 28.