A medic from Israel dispelled the myths about the “futility” of masks for protection against coronavirus

Медик из Израиля развеял мифы о "бесполезности" масок для защиты от коронавируса

Israeli medic urged everyone to wear medical masks and told why they are one of the best means of protection from COVID-19.

About it in the blog on the site GORDON told the head of the First Department of the medical center “Ichilov”, tel Aviv Roman Goldmann.

He said that in their clinic for all the time of the epidemic, no doctor is not contracted COVID-19 from the patient – one of the most important measures of protection become a medical mask.

“Experts, real ones, not from social networks, say: the mask protects. Moreover, in two directions. A healthy person does not inhale the virus if you get close to the carrier, and the patient will not throw it uncontrollably into the environment. There is a psychological moment: the mask people are less likely to touch yourself in person – so say the medical psychologists. And that in itself reduces the risk of infection”, – he said.

Goldman also dispelled the myth about the alleged futility of the masks, as the virus is too small that it could stop fabric.

“Epidemiologists refute this: the virus itself cannot be in the air. It has no wings, he cannot fly, and, moreover, in the environment, it is not active. Active viruses are in droplets of secretions (including saliva) can enter the respiratory tract of a person. These droplets are already large enough to hold even a homemade mask out of two or three layers of fabric. And medical nonwoven made from synthetic materials and polypropylene fibers effectively trap active viruses,” said the physician.

He referred to studies by American and Israeli scientists, who reported that the breath of the person contains two drops – a large (larger than micron) and small aerosol particles. From both the first and second medical protect mask, and a distance 1.5-2 meters.

“Similar research conducted by German scientists. In the beginning of the pandemic in Germany conducted an experiment in Jena, introduced the compulsory wearing of masks, while throughout the rest of the country masks were worn at will. In the end, in Jena almost stopped growth of cases, but in the other cities it was on the rise”, he said.

Goldman also talked about the processing of masks. Disposable protection disinfect impossible – antiseptics and high temperature dramatically reduces their effectiveness. Such masks and respirators can be worn 2-3 hours (respirator up to 8 hours), and then must be thrown out.

“Reusable mask can be trimmed. The easiest way is to carefully wash it in hot water with soap and then Ironing. In any case it is impossible to wear after the treatment of the wet mask, it should be dry. Rules for wearing reusable products are the same as for single, two or three hours, then change and wash,” he told the medic.

He also shared the view that it is likely this outcome is that the mask will have to wear for a long time, until the invention and spread of vaccine.