A meteor flew over the city in the United States: vivid video

Метеорит пролетел над городом в США: яркое видео

In the city of St. Louis, in Missouri (USA) noticed a bright meteorite. A few locals saw a flash of light in the night sky, then there was a loud explosion.

As Newsweek reports, it happened at 20:55 PM local time on November 11. The video was filmed from multiple web cameras and security systems on the streets of St. Louis.

So, David Vergel published on Twitter, videos flash. He said that he watched the broadcast of the famous city of the arch of the Gate of Sunset, when I noticed a fireball in the sky.

What is known about this meteorite? As explained by the experts, this happened due to the annual meteor shower Northern Taurid, on November 11, had the peak of this meteor shower. Although such large flash is a rarity.

Also, currently active meteor shower South of the Taurus. So when these two events coincide, flashes in the night sky occur more often.

Bright meteor in USA: video

What is a meteor shower?It is a natural phenomenon, during which the night sky you can see numerous meteors. Most often this phenomenon lasts from several days to several weeks.

For example, meteor shower Tauris lasts almost all of November, and the peak falls on November 11. Most meteors are caused by comet debris the size of a grain of sand, so the cases reaching the meteorites of the earth during meteor showers are extremely rare.

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