A millionaire wants to recreate on a private island a real computer game

Миллионер хочет воссоздать на частном острове настоящую компьютерную игру

British millionaire decided to make a very interesting event is to recreate a computer game in reality. On a private island he plans to throw the toy in the style of “battle Royale”. Now he is looking for a talented event Manager of.

Writes DTF, the vacancy posted on the service HushHush.com.

“Game in the style of “battle Royal” over the last few years has become very popular, and our client is their biggest fan. He wants to bring the story to life with the utmost safety for the participants. If the championship this year is successful, it could become an annual event,” commented founder HushHush.com Aaron effectively secreted by.

What is known about the event. The event is designed for 100 participants. For the organization of a potential event Manager six weeks. This will happen on a private island. Players will hunt down each other in the woods to “kill” from airsoft weapons.

The competition will last for three days and 12 hours. Participants will receive everything you need for “survival” in the arena. They will spend the night in a specially equipped camp. The winner will receive a prize of £ 100,000 (more than 130 000 $ 3.5 million).

How many will work the event Manager. For event candidate promise 45 000 pounds (about 58 thousand dollars or a half million).

What “battle Royale”?It’s a genre in computer games that combines elements of survival simulator with mode last man standing (the last hero). In this genre faced a lot of characters that are controlled by players. They must destroy the enemies, yet the game will not be only one.

Often in the Royal rumble apply the technique of reducing the “safe area”: the longer the match, the lower portion of the card remains available for the players. The name of the genre comes from the novel “battle Royale” a Japanese writer Kosuna Takami and its film adaptation.

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