A mother who brutally kicked the son in the shopping center of Zaporozhye, and explained the situation. Video

Мать, которая жестоко избила ногами сына в ТЦ Запорожья, объяснила ситуацию. Видео

A scandal erupted in Zaporozhye after the Internet appeared the video with the children’s room of one of the Zaporozhye shopping center, in which a woman brutally beat his six year old son in front of other children and adults.

Previously published on the record shows how well-known blogger which connects to the social network page with tips for happy motherhood, brutally kicked. With it from one of the blows with the heel in the back of the boy flew against the wall and fell face down.

Video caused a wide public resonance in the network, then the blogger has published a video address to followers in Instagram with the request “not to dramatize”. The recording is published on YouTube-channel news IPnews Ukraine.

“Of course, anything can happen, and don’t for it to execute. I myself for is not executed”, – said the blogger, referring to the subscribers from your page. Reasons for their rage, the woman reported, stating that this situation is not worth attention.

But then blogger deleted from the Instagram page called “acne mark”, where she posts photos of his sons and gave advice on parenting.