A myth shattered: a USB flash drive you can get “dangerous”

Миф разрушен: флешку можно вытаскивать "опасно"

Microsoft has confirmed that users can remove the flash drive without clicking “safely remove” – their data is not threatened.

The company also noted that the stick was protected from the time of Windows 7, despite the fact that Windows constantly reminded about the “safe disconnect”.

In Windows 10 after updating 1809 the function of “quick removal”, which protects the device from damage. About this Microsoft said on its support site.

Миф разрушен: флешку можно вытаскивать "опасно"

The update was available back in October 2018, the year of the “fast removal” became known only now. This feature prevents the writing of data to an external storage device while removing it – so no risk of damage and data loss.

Thanks to this, users do not need to use the “safe removal”, despite the fact that it is still.

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