A new feature in Android to save user’s time

So users are not distracted from their main work, the developers of Google added to its operating system an interesting feature. It was called Focus mode and it became available for Android on 9 and 10 version.

New feature helps you focus on the right user tasks, without being distracted by other apps that can interfere, said to Google.

Focus mode

Focus Mode, is part of the “Digital prosperity”. This feature Android allows you to control how the user spends time looking at the screen of the smartphone, and regulate it.

In “focus Mode you can temporarily suspend the applications that distract notifications. In addition, the user can select a program that the system will temporarily block or allow the access. To activate the mode manually or on a schedule, e.g. weekdays from 9 to 17 hours.

Новая функция Android сэкономит время пользователя

Новая функция Android сэкономит время пользователя

A new feature in Android Focus mode

You can also temporarily exit this mode to use a blocked app you want right now.

The new feature is available on all smartphones with Android 9 and 10, where there is a section “Digital welfare” (Digital Wellbeing).

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