A new film about John Constantine sprodyusiruet. John. Abrams

Новый фильм о Константине спродюсирует Дж. Дж. Абрамс

The Creator of the feature-length “star trek” and the new trilogy of “Star wars” can become a producer of fresh film adaptation of a comic book about John Constantine, says The Direct.

Recently we wrote that Warner has put into development a project “Constantine” superhero comic book publishers Vertigo, which previously, in the adaptation of 2005, was played by Keanu Reeves.

According to rumors, the boss considered for the lead role of TERENA Egerton, the star of the movie “Kingsman”.

Recall, in the comics John Constantine is a occultist, exorcist, the wrestler with the evil spirit, a member of the team “Dark justice League”. It is noteworthy that the film adaptation of “Dark justice League” George. John. Abrams right now is developing a streaming service for HBO Max.