A new incident on ISS, the station has lost 11 liters of water

Новый инцидент на МКС: станция потеряла 11 литров воды

On the International space station a leak of water. It happened due to bad maintenance of toilet system in the U.S. module of the space station.

As reported by NASASpaceFlight, the crew tried to establish a new system for collecting urine (UTS). So the astronauts tried to reroute the power cable and clean the walls of the toilet. This led to the leakage of the liquid is drinking water to get into the interior of the ISS.

Complicated the problem of weightlessness – the water just flew in the air. Therefore, the team had towels to collect moisture.

Новый инцидент на МКС: станция потеряла 11 литров воды

A fluid leak on the ISS

This is the second incident on the ISS over the past six months. August 30, ISS found the air leak. The crew checked all compartments and found a hole on the spaceship “Soyuz MS-09”. In Roscosmos said that the crack appeared due to intentional penetration of the drill. Meanwhile, NASA said it was not necessarily sabotage – hole could be formed due to manufacturing defects.

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