A new law in Cuba: censorship or fight for morality?

Новый закон на Кубе: цензура или борьба за нравственность?

Censorship or fight for morality?

Cuba harshly criticized a new law that gives the government Inspectorate the power to close down any exhibition or performances that are considered a violation of the socialist revolutionary values of the country.

The law, known as decree 349, published in July, allows so-called “Supervisory inspectors” to check the cultural events ranging from art exhibitions to concerts, and to immediately close any of them if they saw it as denigrating the value of the country. However, they have the right to confiscate a license for business in any restaurant or bar, which is an undesirable event.

“It is a conflict provoked by society. Look, now listen to the children? This is ridiculous nonsense. Such a law should apply to those whose work cannot be called art. That’s just against those “artists” I would have introduced laws,” says the band Habana Ensemble, césar López.

Causing an uproar in society, the authorities decided to clarify that in fact would mean this law:

“The decree will apply only in specific cases where the violations are obvious – this applies to obscene speech, vulgarity, sexism, excessive use of force and so forth,” – explains the Deputy Minister of culture of Cuba, Fernando Rojas.

Despite the fact that the authorities tried to reduce the degree of resentment in the society, representatives of the culture of the “island of freedom” still called the law of fascist.

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