A new leak showed Android OS on a touch tone telephone

Новая утечка показала ОС Android на кнопочном телефоне

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows unreleased version of Google Android for push-button telephones. It is possible to see the Google activation Assistant, as well as a scrolling selection screen applications.

Information about the work of Google on Android for push-button telephones first appeared in the beginning of the year, when it was discovered links to in-source Chromium on new “contactless” mode for Google browser, designed for devices without a touchscreen. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing 9to5Google.

Later came the screenshots, in which it was assumed that this non-contact mode is designed for mobile phones. Later, however, Google began to remove this code that hints at the abolition of the draft.

Along with applications such as Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook, the prototype device is also installed an app called Proxx, which is a clone of Minesweeper, which Google described at the beginning of this year at the conference Google I/O. This was to show how to develop an app that could scale from desktops down to simple phones.

On the settings screen on the device is the Android version on which it is running version 8.1, and the device type is described as “Iron GAFP”. Don’t know why Google decided to stop developing. However, last year the company invested $22 million in KaiOS, alternative operating system phone based on an outdated operating system Firefox. On the website KaiOS lists some of the most basic applications, which can be seen in the leaked video about Google OS, including Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook and Google Assistant. WhatsApp is also compatible with the operating system. Since KaiOS is already offering access to apps and services functional on Google phones Google may believes that there is little to gain from developing its own operating system for touch-tone phone.

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