A new record of coronavirus in the APU: per day became infected 21 soldier

Новый антирекорд коронавируса в ВСУ: за сутки заразился 21 армеец

As of 10.00 June 27, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine coronavirus hurts, 166

For the past day APU confirmed 21 new cases of acute respiratory diseases COVID-19, according to the daily summary Command MEDSIL APU.

Of them in health institutions is on the treatment of 13 people (national military medical clinical center “gvkg” – 4 soldiers, Military-medical clinical centre of Western region – 5 soldiers, Rivne military hospital, 3 military and Military-medical clinical centre of Northern region – 1 soldier). The state of health of patients satisfactory, receive the necessary treatment, say military doctors.

Treated at home under the supervision of the medical service is 8 people (Kiev region – 3 soldiers and 1 employee of the armed forces of Ukraine, Lviv oblast – 2 soldiers, Dnipropetrovsk – 1 soldier and Kharkiv – 1 employee of the armed forces of Ukraine). The state of health of patients satisfactory, there is a mild course of the disease, say the Command MEDSIL APU.

Recall from the beginning of the pandemic in the APU from the coronavirus have died and 5 people.

On the isolation (including isolation) is already 576. The number of troops, which ends isolation in the next three days – 178.