A new road junction near the railway station “Zaporozhye-1” will develop over 2,5 million hryvnias

Новую транспортную развязку возле вокзала "Запорожье-1" разработают за 2,5 млн гривен

April 22, the Department of infrastructure and improvement has announced a tender for the development of schemes of organization of traffic near the railway station “Zaporozhye-1”.

Officials are going to spend for development of 2,5 million hryvnias. Tender bids can be submitted until 8 may.

“When developing the scheme of traffic organization for building of the Cathedral to provide a breakdown for each area separately:

– Dnieper area (the area of Zaporozhye to the overpass near St. tyulenin) length 1463 m. p.

– Voznesenovskaya (from the overpass near St. tyulenin with the Red R. near the dam Voznesenovskaya descent) – 4222 M. p.

Alexandrovsky district (Red R. near the dam Voznesenovskaya descent to the river Mokraya Moskovka given bridge) – 6288 M. p.

– Kommunarskaya district (from the river Mokraya Moskovka to the interchange train station Zaporozhye) – 1630 M. p.”, – stated in the specification.