A new trend of bodypositive worried stavropolchane

Новый тренд бодипозитива обеспокоил ставропольчанок

Currently, increasingly, in social networks it is possible to meet pictures of girls are not ashamed of their forms.

The movement of bodypositive already firmly entrenched in the so-called fashion. Custom models demonstrate the “cult of diversity”. On the one hand, no framework and prohibitions. No complexes. But really, it’s not so simple. Try to understand what “fashion” can mean for girls.

The main goal of the feminist bodypositive to persuade people to accept the body the way it is. To follow the motto: “My body is my business.” So on the one hand, this is a really good idea, because we are imperfect, every girl is special in their own way, regardless of the standards of beauty imposed by society. So besides, everyone knows that the same standards of beauty have changed, well, just at the speed of sound!

On the other hand, experience shows that adhere to the Golden mean people, unfortunately, can’t. That anorexia (a life-threatening disease), the male fitness figure, that violent love to the unwanted weight.

The latter, incidentally, worried residents of the Stavropol territory. The extra weight turns into an ideology. Some girls openly demonstrating a lack of exercise, and frequent overeating. By the way, about the impact of obesity on the health of lovely ladies to mention the Internet began less.

Obesity, which has become so popular among young girls – a risk factor for health. Too full of people – it’s not about health, comment nutrition of Stavropol.

Though it is a personal thing for everyone, but it is a pathological condition of obesity is a code in the International classification of diseases. Some people are obese not to blame for this, but we’re talking about a distorted perception of bodypositive among young people, about the banality of promiscuity and lack of desire to care for their health.

Girls can certainly speak for bodypositive, but to do fitness, eat right, regularly visit doctors.

Bodypositive – not a ban on grooming. The problem in perception. It is so important to be responsible for their own health, regardless of the fleeting standards of beauty.