A new vacancy. The Ministry of social policy prematurely dismissed the head of the state employment service

Новая вакансия. Минсоцполитики досрочно уволило главу Госслужбы занятости

Olga Makogon lost his job after a crisis with the accrual of benefits to the unemployed, but thanks to quarantine the NHS transferred “to the smartphone”.

The Ministry of social policy prematurely terminate the contract with the Director of the state employment service (PES) Olga Makogon after 8 months of work. This ex-the Minister said in his Facebook account.

The reason for the dismissal Makogon calls. Instead, she reported on their achievements for the work in the NHS. By words already the former official, among other things, she managed the following:

  • adopt a “three pillars” of customer service (institutions, career Counsellor, consultant, employer and a dedicated career Counsellor);
  • to launch education portal skills.dcz.gov.ua the joint project with Minziro training of it specialists;
  • to “retain and strengthen” the NHS during the political decision to transfer the service from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of social policy in the Ministry of economy;
  • to begin to provide a systematic analysis on the state of the labour market and PES activities;
  • to stop the “tribute to the top” to improve and strengthen the control over the expenditure of funds of the unemployment Fund.

At the end of his work, said Makogon, the state was also able to translate the entire client service process in a remote form and start the possibility of electronic submission of documents through the website of SSCs. However, approval of the remote format, the need for which makohon stated earlier, it took a crisis to temporarily freeze payments to the unemployed.

Dekorativnye rules governing “standing on the stock exchange” before the accrual of benefits to visit one of the centers of the NHS. The Agency continued to work after the introduction of restrictions, albeit on a limited basis to come to “the mark” in the Center it was possible after the call to the career counselor. At the same time to approve the procedure of payments without the physical appearance of the unemployed in employment Center, it should be a separate decision of the Cabinet.

However, in some cases, customers of public service have faced failure in the purpose of visit on the part of NHS staff. According to UBR.ua on the ground staff did not want to take responsibility for the disposal of public funds to CMU, and, contradicting the official position of the leadership, said the customers that come into the Centres is impossible, and payments to quarantine them to wait is not worth it.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the remote form in the framework of the law No. 540-IX March 30. After that there was the option to accrue payments on the cards to the unemployed after their conversation with the consultant on the phone.

The structure of the Department Makogon worked from 2 January 2019, when he was appointed to the position of Deputy Director of the NHS. On may 25, she became the acting head of the civil service, after the previous acting head of the NHS Valery Yaroshenko was detained by the military Prosecutor for a bribe in the amount of 480 thousand UAH. July 2, 2019 Olga Makogon was appointed Director of the State employment center.