A number of other cryptocurrency ATMs around the world broke a new record

Количество криптовалютных банкоматов во всем мире побило новый рекорд

To date, the number of bitcoin ATMs installed around the world, continues to grow and recently reached a new record level.

Thus, according to CoinATMRadar, currently has 6 thousand 4 such machines, with more than 65% of them are in the United States.

Only in November on the map CoinATMRadar appeared 108 new bitcoin ATM, and a daily average set of 11 new cars, which is the highest growth rate in the current year.

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Of the total number of cryptocurrency ATMs 3924 located in United States, 653 in Canada. Third and fourth places in the list are United Kingdom (272) Austria (189), fifth in the list is Spain – 86 machines. Ukraine, which has 19 bitcoin ATM is at the 20th place.

In total, Europe accounts for 20% of all installed bitcoin ATM, but in Asia, despite the great popularity of cryptocurrency in the region, there are only 2% of the total.

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As reported ForfLog, since June, the number of installed bitcoin ATM has grown by almost one thousand. It is worth noting that of the marked on the map CoinATMRadar vehicles slightly more than 35% are bilateral, that is, allow not only the purchase but also the sale of cryptocurrency. The remaining two-thirds give only the possibility of buying bitcoin.

Despite the rapid growth of this market, not all bitcoin ATMs have liked. So, earlier this week, the U.S. internal revenue service (IRS) reported that it was conducting joint law enforcement agencies investigating cases of possible use of the bitcoin ATM for tax evasion and money laundering.

According to the IRS, before you have the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency users of ATMs should pass the verification.

Earlier this year, the mayor of Vancouver Kennedy Stewart was supported by local police, who called the terminals for the exchange of cryptocurrency “the perfect tool for money laundering”, proposing to ban their installation and operation in this third largest city of Canada.

Количество криптовалютных банкоматов во всем мире побило новый рекорд