A number of universities in the United States has lowered the fee for distance learning

Ряд университетов в США снизили плату из-за дистанционного обучения

American universities offer students go for distance learning, said the pressure from the public and students demanding lower tuition fees.

Under pressure from the public and students tuition fees at Georgetown University and was reduced by ten percent in connection with the transition to distance learning. About it, on Sunday, July 26, the Financial Times reports.

According to the newspaper, about two thousand students at Georgetown University have signed a petition addressed to the leadership of the University in which he stated that the transition to distance learning has led to a reduction or complete abolition or optional practical training, and have sharply limited their access to the resources of the University campus. While tuition at the University has remained the same – about 58 thousand dollars a year.

The authors of the petition stated that under existing conditions the cost of training in 58 thousand dollars a year – this is “highway robbery”. After this treatment of students was made public, the University has reduced tuition fees by 10%.

The same discount for education announced in early July, and Princeton University.

“We recognize that there is a difference between what we can give remotely, and between what we can give on campus,” said President of Princeton University Christopher Eisgruber.

Also, the Williams College, Massachusetts, has announced the reduction of all fees by 15%, and fees for training – 10%.

At the same time, Harvard University has ruled out any possibility of lowering fees, but Yale University picked it up from 55.5 thousand dollars to 57.7 thousand dollars a year.