A Palestinian teenager was killed by Israelis on the West Bank of the Jordan river

Палестинский подросток убил израильтянина на Западном берегу реки Иордан

REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma

On the West Bank of the Jordan river, a Palestinian teenager was attacked with a knife on Israelis. The incident occurred on Sunday at the entrance to the shopping center near the Jewish settlement of gush Etzion.

45-year-old Israeli in critical condition was quickly taken to hospital. But in the end died on the operating table. The attacker himself was defused by the security of the shopping center, he received a bullet wound.

“About 11am we got a call about a terrorist attack at the entrance to the shopping center of gush Etzion. One of the paramedics who was at this time at the scene, gave first aid to the injured man who was then taken the hospital in critical condition,” – said the representative of the Israeli authorities.

He 17-year-old Palestinian boy attacked, later died from their bullet wounds.

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