A paratrooper from Pskov has told about the fighting in the Donbas: “We said we ihtamnety”

Десантник из Пскова рассказал о боях на Донбассе: «Нам сказали, что мы ихтамнеты»

One of the soldiers of the army of Russia told journalists “the New newspaper” about how he came to the war in Ukraine and all the horrors he had to endure. As reported Newsmir.info the Russian military says that the battle in one of the villages where they were sent to the Russian leadership, Novosvitlivka, was very heavy, with the result that his unit was stopped. According to servicemen of the 76th airborne division in Pskov, it was in 2014. After this fight, where he miraculously survived, he was awarded the prize of Suvorov, however, after he wrote a letter of resignation.

“After the exercises in the Pskov region we were sent to Rostov. And from Rostov the commander sent us in Lugansk, allegedly to escort a convoy of humanitarian aid,” he said. Of course, no column, no one accompanied. Moreover, in Rostov the Russian military ordered to remove all insignia on the uniform, and pull out of phone batteries. The entire battle group, among which was this paratrooper, consisted of 90 people.

“After some time we were ordered to fight, to storm the two villages. I’ll never forget one of the towns Novosvitlivka. We were ordered to destroy the enemy, we called it Bandera,” says a former paratrooper of the Russian Federation. He added that in this village of their team and stoppedthat she was unable to even get to the second job – the next village. After a fierce battle all of them were taken back to Russia. Vyacheslav (paratrooper) said that they all understood that the war on the territory of another country, but they were not aware that they are sent informally. “This is all we found out later,” he concluded.