A passenger plane narrowly escaped disaster: incredible video of the rescue

Пассажирский самолет чудом избежал катастрофы: невероятное видео спасения

The pilots heroically landed the plane without front landing gear, landing colorful video leaked

At the international airport in Mandalay in Myanmar itself years Myanmar National Airlines suffered a gesture forge landing, when the transport refused apron of the chassis. However, the pilot kept his head and landed the plane on the nose without damaging the passengers and all done with the utmost accuracy.

“The plane is the Brazilian-made Embraer 190-LR UB103 flight from Yangon landed on the rear chassis, and then the nose of the plane bent down to cover the runway, striking sparks during braking”, – stated in the message of ABC news.

When the pilots realized the landing gear is not open, they made two circles over the airport at low altitude to burn fuel and to minimize the chances of explosion, and then safely landed the aircraft with 82 passengers and 7 crew members. On victims as a result of the accident is unknown, but the condition of the plane after landing suggests that the maneuver was completed successfully.

Previously surfaced of the fatal nuance of the biography of the commander of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, burned in the Russian Sheremetyevo, Denis Evdokimov. How did you find the journalists, the father of the commander of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 major General aviation, honored military pilot of the USSR Alexander Evdokimov.

It is known that an experienced pilot also fell into such a stalemate, but then he managed to save the passengers on Board the aircraft. For almost 30 years he served in aviation of border troops of the USSR and Russia, from assistant commander to the chief of staff, and most of the services held in the Arctic.

Пассажирский самолет чудом избежал катастрофы: невероятное видео спасения