A piece of the desert in Arizona could provide solar energy to the whole country Musk

The head of Tesla Elon Musk once again raises the issue of establishing a huge solar farm which could provide clean energy throughout the United States.

During the tweet-battles Musk remembered bill gates article from 2011, in which the Microsoft founder advocated the development of nuclear energy.

What does the Mask

According to the calculations of Ilona, to provide US with solar energy could “gigatera of the” 100 by 100 miles in the desert region of Arizona, Utah, Texas – “Yes, anywhere.” He was guided by the study at University College London (UCL). In the usual square kilometers, this area is 25 900.

Tesla is not only electric, but also a unit for the production of solar panels and shingles. For a long time, this business has brought only losses, but now Elon is confident that the potential this business can surpass in size even the production of electric cars.

First gigaportag for energy production Musk recalled in 2015. Then, it was said that 100 of 100 miles – an excellent illustration of the possibilities of technology.

In 2017, he returned to this subject, added to the schema yet, and the largest storage of energy. The decision on the basis of Tesla technology would occupy an area of one square mile (2,6 sq. km). Musk claimed that such a scheme will provide energy to United States 24/7. “One square mile, that’s all,” wait he repeated.

Since then, Tesla has increased the capacity of high-performance industrial batteries in 14 times, so this part of the install will be leaner and more efficient.

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The post London researchers from UCL, Andrew Smith, to which reference has led Elon, is even more optimistic than the calculation of the Mask. Smith considered the generation from area 10 000 sq km in Texas, with an average efficiency of 21%. He turned out to be about 500 GW, and it is much more than the annual energy consumption in the United States – in the region of 425 GWh.

According to the calculations of Popular Mechanics to cover an area of 10,000 square miles of solar panels from Tesla is probably not only effective, but also strong and durable enough – you will need about 6 trillion dollars. This is roughly the annual GDP of Japan.

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