A plaster, earrings and more: the strangest modern contraceptives

Пластырь, серьги и другое: самые странные современные контрацептивы

First, the ancient condom was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Was in Ancient Egypt and it is a wild method of contraception. For example, women are recommended in the vagina to put the excrement of crocodiles. In Russia practiced douching urine. Good that science does not stand still. And we got a modern safe methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy. But this little scientist. They are trying to find new ways to have sex and not get pregnant.

Earrings for forgetful ladies

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a contraceptive earrings. How do they work? Earrings-contraceptives carried in the bloodstream through the earlobe of synthetic hormones. They work on the principle of oral contraceptives. Scientists developed specially for scattered ladies who often forget to take the pill.

Liquid condom

The condom is applied for 10 seconds and freezes for 2 minutes. Those couples who have experienced it say that in comparison with conventional condoms, this saved increased sensitivity to have sex. According to the developers, the main advantage of this condom is that it “adjusts” to fit any penis size.

Gel condom

This is a male form of contraception. Special gel nesterenok, a variant of progesterone, and synthetic forms of testosterone, applied daily to the shoulders and forearms. Substance inhibits sperm production. Now a contraceptive in clinical trials.

Birth control patch

This skin patch with hormones changing every 7 days. Through the skin surface it produces hormones. But scientists are unsure about in my design. Because this method of contraception is not the most reliable – the plaster can come unstuck at the most inopportune moment.

Injectable contraceptives

Scientists have developed a contraceptive in injection for men. The hormonal “cocktail” partner enters the forearm. While contraceptive only tests, but experts say that it will not become popular. Too many men are afraid of injections.