A police officer was injured while trying to subdue an escaped from a mental hospital Odessa

Полицейский пострадал при попытке усмирить сбежавшего из психбольницы одессита

In Odessa police officer was injured during the arrest of an escaped patient in a psychiatric hospital.

As the press service of the patrol police, the incident occurred about 16 hours 23 November on the street Dostoevsky.

Having arrived to a call about an aggressive citizen, inspectors found the roof of the garage of the unknown with the symptoms of mental illness. He threw stones at the Windows of houses, on request, the police did not respond, mother.

When persuasion did not work, one of the police officers climbed on the garage to remove the offender, but he began to rush the slate, the inspector could not resist and fell from the roof. The victim was transferred to the ambulance.

“The man managed to remove from the building and transfer of specialized medical care. It later emerged that the 31-year-old citizen was wanted for escaping from a psychiatric hospital,” – said the Agency.