A powerful explosion occurred in the city centre: details and footage of fire emergency

Мощный взрыв прогремел в центре города: подробности и кадры огненного ЧП

While driving suddenly flared truck postal delivery van

The driver himself admitted that he didn’t even notice that his vehicle caught fire.

The accident with the mail truck occurred in the center of Zaporozhye. While driving the vehicle suddenly caught fire, and then inside the truck the bombings began, said in the story TSN.

The cargo which transported in the car, the fire is completely negligible.

The flames were so powerful, that it barely managed three teams of firefighters. Even had to block traffic on the street where burning car.

“The car was the air conditioning did not hear anything. Then I began to overtake other cars, and drivers waving. Stopped the car and started the explosions,” – said the driver of the mail truck, Yuri Kravchenko.

He was not injured. What cargo was in the car, do not know.

According to preliminary data law enforcement bodies, among the cargo was transported cans of gas, which is used for dressing the tourist stoves.

As previously reported, in Kharkov blew up another ATM. As reported by the state of the Channel region, the explosion occurred about three o’clock in the morning on the Boulevard of Victory, 70.

It was determined that unknown persons blew up the ATM located in a grocery store. At the conclusion of the bomb, inside the ATM explosion gas mixture.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered. The amount of damage done to the banking institution, is established. Judging by the photos released by police officers and eyewitnesses, the explosion caused serious damage to the building in which the ATM is located.

In social networks witnesses write that the explosion was like a thunderclap, and immediately after his alarm went off at nearby parked cars.

This is not the first such case in the region. So, June 6, in the village of Rogan in Kharkov at three o’clock the explosion occurred. In the Lipetsk Department of the police received a report about an alarm is triggered ATM.

At the scene police found that unknown persons damaged an ATM, used to undermine an unknown substance and stole the cassette with the money.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в центре города: подробности и кадры огненного ЧП

Мощный взрыв прогремел в центре города: подробности и кадры огненного ЧП