A powerful fire broke out in Kiev: all the smoke, there were shots PE

Мощный пожар вспыхнул в Киеве: все в дыму, появились кадры ЧП

A massive fire broke out in the early morning of September 26 in Kiev, Poshtova square

On the quay of river station burned two single-storey buildings. According to the raised number of complexity has been tightened additional forces of gschs.

It is noted that affected by the incident.

Firefighters were called to the place at about 04:50.

When rescuers arrived, the fire had engulfed one building and the flames had already spread to the neighboring. The fire was given the rank of high complexity. The total area of fire was about 300 square meters.

The rescuers was not able to start the fire because the building was under tension. They called the electricians but they went long enough. Already at 06:04 the fire managed to localize, and at 06:20 completely eliminated.

A huge plume of smoke clouded all to the Kontraktova square and the old Hem.

At the time of the emergency services, traffic on the highway along the waterfront was partially limited. There were nine pieces of equipment and 35 personnel rescue. Also on duty medics and patrol. The exact reasons of ignition will set a consequence.