A powerful technique for large-scale production: the Enterprise has installed a new bridge crane

Мощная техника для масштабного производства: ИнГОК установил новый мостовой кран

Career Ingulets GOK to Metinvest continues the construction of a transhipment point on the horizon -300 meters. He is part of a complex cyclic-flow technology. In the framework of the project purchased new equipment – bridge crane 160/32 tons.

The crane is designed to repair the crusher of KKD-1500/180 MSB, for lowering and lifting loads in concentration well. The machine is equipped with modern mechanical and electrical equipment. Equipment is operated by using joysticks.

There are sensors monitoring the weight of a lifted load – electronic dynamometers. Extended the front side of the cab increases the viewing angle. For the convenience of the driver working place is equipped with anatomic armchair and air conditioning.

The construction of complex cyclic-flow technology is a promising investment project for Metinvest as a company. Its implementation will allow to reduce the Enterprise cost of transportation of ore from the lower horizons career, will provide further growth in ore mining, will allow rational use of vehicles and reduce the cost of concentrate.

Another effect of the introduction of CCT – reducing technogenic influence on the environment and improve working conditions. The technology will allow to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise for a long time“, – said the Director for capital construction enterprise of Metinvest company Yuri Gavrilenko.

Cyclic-flow technology are already operating successfully in other enterprises of Metinvest. Thus, such complexes running on the Northern and southern GOK. At Ingulets plant construction started in 2014.

According to the materials: 1kr.ua