A project about the legalization of marijuana, “Auto Euro Forces” and “mining” Zelensky parents ‘ home: TOP news stories of the day

Проект о легализация марихуаны, «Авто Евро Силы» и "минирование" дома родителей Зеленского: ТОП новостей дня

Wednesday, may 15, in Ukraine there have been many important. And in the confusion of the working day so hard to keep track of everything. Because of the resonance changes, it is important to stay aware of what is happening.

To stay abreast of developments is important, especially at this exciting and challenging time as now. The informant prepared the traditional selection of the main events of Ukraine and the world, which occurred on may 15. Save yourself the time and find out the latest news.

Artificial intelligence has created a unique anthem for Eurovision

Artificial intelligence created the unofficial anthem of Eurovision. A track called Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears. Artificial intelligence is analyzed and brought together the fragments of tunes and songs of the participants of the international song contest. It is reported by CTech.”The Duo” computer synthesizer and humans began implementing a new national anthem. The human part sang the Israeli Izhar Cohen, who won the Eurovision song contest 1978. It is also known that the creation of the track system was used in machine learning.

Facebook has decided to restore the “public view page”

Facebook restores the ability of users view your profile from the point of view of a stranger. The company also facilitates users control what information is displayed or not displayed on the public version of their profile. After Facebook disabled the option “view public page” in September 2018 due to a serious security vulnerability that could allow an attacker to steal access tokens for more than 50 million accounts, the company decided to announce her return. It is reported by CI Tech.

The rally, “Auto Euro Forces” in the government quarter of Kiev

Owners of cars on foreign registration once again came under the walls of Parliament. They need to postpone the date of entry into force “draconian fines”.15 may in the government quarter of Kiev gathered the owners of a car on foreign registration from all over Ukraine. They arrived at the rally, which once again organizing TH “Auto Euro Power”. It is reported by Auto Informant, by visiting action.

The Committee supported the legalization of medical marijuana

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on human rights, national minorities and interethnic relations adopted a decision to register the proposed non-governmental organizations, the draft law on the legalization of medical use of marijuana. The decision was taken unanimously at a meeting on may 15.

In Krivoy Rog mined family home Zelensky

Militiamen of Krivoy Rog received the message on mass mining. The list of 15 objects in different areas of the city: 10 homes and five hospitals. On the morning of 15 may, the police received that in Kryvyi Rih bomb 15 buildings. The author is unknown. Among the list of addresses was also the house where live the parents of Vladimir Zelensky.

Проект о легализация марихуаны, «Авто Евро Силы» и "минирование" дома родителей Зеленского: ТОП новостей дня

Проект о легализация марихуаны, «Авто Евро Силы» и "минирование" дома родителей Зеленского: ТОП новостей дня