A project to create roads heated will allow you to break the ice on the road in 15 minutes

Проект по созданию дорог с подогревом позволит растопить лед на трассе за 15 минут

Technology of warm-up of the road, which melts snow and ice for 15 minutes and real-time display information about icing on the roads, can help to prevent many accidents.

“When operating vehicles in snowy weather, due to the movement of other vehicles, the dynamics of ice and snow strongly affects the drive and in such places as highway, risk of injury or death is greatly increased,” says Yonatan Elimelech (Yonatan Elimelech), a partner of Israeli company SAN Hitech Ltd.

A project called Snowless, which coordinates Elimelech have developed a stand-alone technology of the furnace of ice on roads and sidewalks, using a grid of metal strips embedded in the asphalt or concrete surface.

Sensors monitor the temperature changes in the surface material, correlating these data with weather conditions and information about the power required to heat the tapes. Automatic switching lanes when necessary to prevent the formation of ice and snow or to quickly resolve them. This will help replace harmful materials such as salt, with the icing fight now, because in the long run, they may damage infrastructure, including railway bridges.