A prototype of the SpaceX ship caught fire during testing: video

Прототип корабля SpaceX загорелся во время испытаний: видео

17 Jul company SpaceX conducted a test firing of the apparatus Starhopper. This device is designed for development of the technology take-off and landing for future super-heavy launch Starship. However, the test ended with the fire.

Reports Space.com if the test was successful, the project would be transferred to the stage of complete flight tests.

What happened. During the second test recording engine Raptor caught fire around the body, what tests had to be stopped.

The test lasted 5 seconds and it seemed successful, and after starting the engine the Raptor, the ship was engulfed in bright orange flames.

“Although the fire looked very dangerous, Starhopper, in fact, not suffered from the fire. The situation will become more clear when SpaceX engineers will review the status of the machine,” said astrophysicist from Harvard University, USA Jonathan McDowell.

The time of the fire can be seen on video from 51:17 to 51:28

The reason. Preliminary version says that because of the failure of the system supplying fuel to the engine leaked and a large amount of methane that is released and caught fire. However, details of the company promise to tell after the study.

Now SpaceX is in the early stages of testing Starhopper. The final prototype should be equipped with three engines Raptor. The spaceship will be six, and the extra missiles will be 31 Raptor.

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