A quarter of jobs in America may go to robots in the coming years

Четверть рабочих мест в США может перейти к роботам в ближайшие годы

In the next few years a quarter of the current jobs in the United States can go to the robots. Such forecast contains in the report of the Brookings institution in Washington, released on Thursday, reports the Associated Press.

The report says that about 36 million Americans hold jobs that have “a high degree of exposure to” automation – this means that at least 70 percent of their functional tasks may soon be performed by machines. Among those most at risk – the cooks, waiters and other workers of public catering, truck drivers and office workers.

“This part of the population will require rapid improvement of professional skills, retraining or changing jobs,” says mark Muro, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and the main author of the report. According to the forecast Muro, period robotics-quarters of the jobs can take “from several years to two decades”. But it is likely that the next economic downturn will accelerate this process, because enterprises tend to implement new technologies, reducing costs, laying off workers.

New advances in the field of artificial intelligence can dramatically expand the use of robots. Opponents of American workers will not only industrial robots in the coming years will be a variety of self-service kiosks and computerized concierges in hotels, predict the report’s authors.

Many economists believe that automation in General has a positive effect on the labour market. This can lead to economic growth, lower prices and increase demand and create new jobs to compensate for disappearing. Those jobs that will remain largely intact, will require not only higher education but also interpersonal skills and emotional responsiveness. “These high-paying jobs require more creativity and skills to solve problems, says Matias Cortes from York University in Toronto. – New technologies will be difficult to replace them”.