A rating of “Servants of the people” returned to the previous level

Рейтинг «Слуги народа» вернулся на прежний уровень

The rating of political forces “servant of the people” is constantly fluctuating. Virtually every day sociologists call different numbers. Writes Newsmir.info referring to Ukraine Elections.

Yesterday experts said that the party lost the support of Ukrainian citizens. However, today the representatives of the company Info Sapiens convince us otherwise. To obtain reliable information regarding the above matter experts, a survey was conducted where participants were 1290 volunteers. A public opinion survey lasted from 15 to 26 June this year. For the collection of information social scientists have applied the method of personal formalized interview. Based on the obtained data, the specialists got the opportunity to say that today the party “servant of the people” are impressed by 47.6% of Ukrainian citizens. This makes the fraction, which is the current President of our country Vladimir Zelensky, the absolute leader of the rating.

By the way, earlier “servant of the people” also took first place in the parliamentary ranking. But the indicators of its support from the Ukrainians was quite unstable. So, yesterday, June 27, employees of the company Active Group argued that the “servant of the people” liking 41.1% of the electorate.