A real find: fans of “Celtic” mad about a hat-trick of the Swede in the match with “Vorskla”

Настоящая находка: фанаты "Селтика" без ума от хет-трика Шведа в матче с "Ворсклой"

21-year-old Scottish “Celtic” and the national team of Ukraine Marjan the Swede, who is on loan at Karpaty, scored his first professional hat-trick in his career.

Three goals in the gate “Vorskla” in the first after the winter break round of the made to the Scottish fans a new look at noname from Ukraine.

We offer to your attention a selection of twitter messages from fans of the Scottish “Celtic”:

The very first clips of him that I came across, you can see a very skilful young player that will be well prepared for European football. I hope he will cope with our hard pitches and less intelligent defensive tactics
says the user Brian.

Well… Marian Swede is second in the list of scorers in the Ukrainian League, though is a winger. Now let us remember that in this League, “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo”… Great expectations.

Looks a real gem. Equipment – super.

In my opinion, we stole one of the best players in this League for such small money. This is a very good League and his stats as a winger is a class.

Interestingly, the last person to score three goals for Karpaty in the Premier League, was Lucas Perez, who then had to go to such teams as Dynamo Kyiv, PAOK, Spanish “Deportivo” and English “the Arsenal” and “vest ham”.

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