A real record: hackers took over a year to break in the game Forza Horizon 4

Настоящий рекорд: хакерам понадобилось год, чтобы взломать защиту игры Forza Horizon 4

The emergence of new games on torrents, sometimes even before the official release, it has become commonplace for gamers. However, there are exceptions: protection 4 Forza Horizon from Playground Games lasted for over 300 days. However, the pirates managed to get their way.

What is known about the hacking game Forza Horizon 4? Crackwatch as reports about successful hacking reported by the coder under the name Mr.Lootbox. He managed to bypass security and gain access not only to the game itself, but to supplements.

However, users who previously bought the Forza Horizon 4, I doubt that the free cheese lovers get pleasure from racing hacked, because too much tied to online, which is not in the pirated version.

The release of the game. Note, the debut of Forza Horizon 4 last fall was really successful critics and gamers were scattered in the high estimates, and the developers openly rejoiced at the success of the game. Marred only premiere that’s still three months before her PC-version racing hit the net, however, only the files pre-loading. However, this could simplify the task of the hackers.

Despite the assumption that the drain thanks to the racing title can be in the hands of the pirates before release, it happened just now.

The trailer for the game Forza Horizon 4 watch the video

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