“A real Ukrainian knight!” Poroshenko bought the tanker, released from Russian captivity

''Настоящий украинский рыцарь!'' Порошенко приобрел квартиру танкисту, освобожденному из российского плена

The fifth President of Ukraine, leader of “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko has purchased a new tanker of Pastushenko Bogdan, who was released after five years in captivity of terrorists.

Poroshenko together with the members of “EU” met with the military and his wife Victoria and personally gave them the relevant documents, the press service of the party.

Poroshenko said that during the captivity of Bogdan Panasenko it was decided to buy an apartment three servicemen – both war with the 3rd regiment of special forces and tank commander of Pastushenko.

“For the two of us managed to do before. I am very happy that the Lord gave me the opportunity to and your family had the opportunity to choose and buy an apartment in the city of Kiev”, – said Poroshenko.

He added that many people believed and prayed for the speedy return home of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

“I want to say that your behavior in combat, and while in captivity, was one of the knight of Ukraine. Despite your very young age – you’re a warrior, you’re a real Ukrainian knight, you are a true patriot and a true citizen”, – said Poroshenko.

“As the fifth President of Ukraine, as your Commander in chief really want to thank you for your spirit, your love for Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko.

He recalled how on January 18, 2015 in the battles of Spartacus, when he was given command of a tank attack in the direction of the Putilov bridge, the tankers took such a rate that actually came to Donetsk. Three tanks went to the bridge. “I was struck by the heroism demonstrated by Bogdan and the crew of all tanks”, – said Poroshenko.

He also said that the militants long recognized that Bogdan Panasenko their prisoner.

“Despite our persistent inquiries, they said he was missing” – he said and added that when it became clear that the military alive and in captivity, he was constantly made to the list for the release, but the militants each time it was deleted.

Victoria Bogdan Panasenko thanked Poroshenko for support and assistance.

“Thank you for the significant contribution in the negotiation process, and our fates in particular…my Husband is already at home, family intact – and the most important thing. In the future, I only want peace in our country. And I believe in the victory,” said Victoria Pastushenko.

Bogdan Panasenko stressed that Ukraine needs peace to Ukrainian conditions, not “Russian world”. He also added he is very glad to development of the Ukrainian language, music, and cinema in the country.

“We have our own, that we need to develop. And I am very grateful that our culture finally exploded and I hope that this is just the start and the beginning of its development”, – said the military.

“So nice to see our people, hear our language, to immerse in our culture. I was looking forward to. Only this and lived,” he said.

“You did a lot, to tell the truth about the war that is happening in the East of Ukraine”, – said the co-Chairman of the faction “EU” Iryna Gerashchenko, adding that this work is not complete until all released.

Family Pastushenko invited Poroshenko and members of the “EU” for a housewarming party.

Bogdan Panasenko (call “Armor”) on January 18, 2015 captured Russian mercenaries near Donetsk airport. During the fierce fighting around the Donetsk airport under the control of insurgents shot down a tank and its crew were captured. Subsequently, the operation to undermine the Putilovsky bridge near the village of Spartacus called “one of the brightest in the defense of the airfield.”

Earlier, Poroshenko gave apartments to the families of the two soldiers of the 3rd regiment of special troops Sergey and Alexander Gandara Korinkova captured in 2015 during the battle for debaltseve.

And in December 2019, the year Poroshenko made a Deposit of 19 million hryvnias for the release of the cyborg Dmitry Marchenko.

''Настоящий украинский рыцарь!'' Порошенко приобрел квартиру танкисту, освобожденному из российского плена

''Настоящий украинский рыцарь!'' Порошенко приобрел квартиру танкисту, освобожденному из российского плена

''Настоящий украинский рыцарь!'' Порошенко приобрел квартиру танкисту, освобожденному из российского плена