A release trailer for a voxel action RPG Cube World – the game will be released September 30

Релизный трейлер воксельной экшен-RPG Cube World - игра выйдет 30 сентября

A couple of weeks ago voxel action RPG Cube World , after years of lull, signs of life. Then its developer Wolfram von Funk (Wolfram von Funck) has promised a release on Steam within the next two months, and there was the exact date – September 30.

Recall that the owners of the alpha version of the game keys will be distributed for free. They will also get access to the closed beta test, which starts on September 23.

Some of the key features of Cube World:

• Single-player and cooperative modes.

• Procedurally-generated world and “lore”.

• Four classes: warrior, wanderer, mage, and rogue.

• Combat system with evasion, combos and special abilities.

• Craft weapons, armor, potions, elixirs and food from various ingredients.

• Lots of quests, monsters and dungeons.

• Ability to domesticate animals to help in battle and which can be used as a sled.

“Early access” can not be afraid – we are waiting for the full release. Price is still unknown.