A release trailer for Draugen Norwegian film Noir from the creators of Dreamfall Chapters

Релизный трейлер норвежского нуара Draugen от создателей Dreamfall Chapters

Draugen is a new game by Red Thread Games, creators of Dreamfall Chapters. She got to release and called for the purchase of a fresh trailer with quotes from critics.

Recall that the plot takes us to 1923. American Edward with his ward Lissie arrives in Norway. Fjords the main character is looking for missing sister. The authors promise a detective story and environment that changes with the deteriorating mental state of Edward.

The first critical acclaim restrained: 73 score on Metacritic and 67 points on OpenCritic. Reviewers praise the entourage and the initial stages of the plot, but note the excessive simplicity of the gameplay and complain about the vague ending.

At the time of writing the news rating from gamers on Steam is 90 %. The players like the critics: the world in Draugen beautiful, the plot is intriguing, the passage takes three hours (which is generally good for “simulator walk”), but the final and a disappointing understatement.

Draugen is 435 rubles and waiting for you in Steam and GOG.com. Text translation into Russian available. The release on consoles will take place later.