A resident of Germany died after kissing his dog

Житель Германии скончался после "поцелуя" своей собаки

63-the summer inhabitant of the German city of Bremen died contracted the infection, which in the male body brought who licked his pet dog. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

It is noted that in the body men get bacterial pathogen Capnocytophaga canimorsus. However, before this infection can be infected only through a bite, but the animal shortly before infection did not leave marks on a man’s body.

A resident of Germany, was admitted to the hospital with severe sepsis: his body had a rash. Later adding signs such as bruises and neurotic pain. Some time later he had kidney failure, liver and circulatory system, after which he was diagnosed with gangrene.

Clarifies that doctors in a long treatment revived the patient, who then developed pneumonia, and also appeared fluid in the brain. Relatives of the men made the decision to switch off life support.

Now doctors are trying to establish new features of the infecting pathogen Capnocytophaga canimorsus.