A resident of Melitopol abused his own mother

Житель Мелитополя издевался над собственной матерью

Desperate pensioner is constantly calling the police, however, a justice on the brawler are hard to find. A man regularly arranges scandals, to understand which we have the police.

In Melitopol city court received the case on administrative offences, which included just four of the Protocol on a local resident.

On 6 April, about 10 o’clock in the morning, while drunk, the man was expressed by obscene abuse in the address of his mother, rushed on it with fists and kicked out of apartments. For this, it was drawn up under article 173-2 of the Cao (domestic violence).

On the same day, around 11 PM, he made a brawl next door loudly knocked on the apartment door on the fifth floor and cussed. Police officers made the Protocol according to article 173 of the Cao (disorderly conduct).

But the conversation with the police, it seems, has not produced the rowdy no impression. On 10 April he again started the scandal with her mother, during which he insulted and threatened her.

Another message about a similar action was reported to the police on April 28.

The court considered a joint production and heard the accused. The man admitted his guilt and promised never to hurt his mother.

For the offense he got 40 hours of community service, with the payment of UAH 420 court fee.