A resident of Melitopol rode around the country on drugs

Житель Мелитополя катался по стране под наркотиками

On the highway “Borispol-Dnipro-Kiev” the police stopped “GAZ 3302” under control of the inhabitant of Melitopol. The man had obvious signs of drug intoxication, therefore, he was asked to undergo a medical examination.

However, the driver refused to go to the examination, on 2 October, was drawn up on an administrative offense according to art 130, Art.

Recently Melitopol city court considered the case. The accused in the court session was announced and valid in the day did drugs and got behind the wheel of a Gazelle. He asked him to postpone the payment of the fine for a year, due to difficult financial position.

The court went to meet the intruder and allowed him to pay 10200 UAH for 12 months. At the same time he was deprived of a driver’s license.