A resident of Melitopol visited the Ghost town

Житель Мелитополя побывал в городе-призраке

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues heading “Our overseas”. Today we tell about the journey of a resident of Melitopol in the Ghost town. We are talking about Bagan (Bakanae), which in fact does not exist. Why is there always fulfilled desires, and all local yellow face and black teeth, said our countryman Denis, who, by the way, this city celebrated its birthday.

On the question of why the city is called Ghost, Denis replied that it does not exist – there is only the airport with the same name, several villages around and incredibly huge area with thousands of different pagodas (Buddhist temples). Some churches in this territory more than a thousand years, and there were more than four thousand, and they are located in the territory of a little less of Melitopol – the real Holy place!

One of the most Holy and worthy deeds in Buddhism – the construction of churches. For Buddhists it is very important commit as many good deeds. So they accumulate and remain with the soul for the next incarnation. Therefore, if the pagoda is destroyed, immediately built a new one, sparing neither effort nor money in its construction and decoration. Some temples are adorned with gold and precious stones. Local can live in dilapidated huts, but will never regret the money for the construction of pagodas.

Night Express in manasci

Beauty in Bagan, according to Denis, incredible, inspiration literally hovers over “Ghost town”. But the most difficult to get to him.

– Direct flights to Mangiamo where there is a city there, and if there are, they are incredibly expensive, and with transfers. I traveled to Mangiamo plane via Singapore. Can be reached by land from Thailand. The most interesting thing in this journey – my journey on the overnight train to Bagan. Upper class costs $ 10. To be honest, these trains of the upper class in Ukraine is long-standing, on pedestals, or simply not used as directed. The highest class in manasci is soft when the folding seat. Now they are torn, foam rubber sticking out. The carriage itself is very narrow, and the Windows revealed wide open. Closing them makes no sense – they tin can with frequent openings. As soon as the composition to move like a local laid in the narrow passages of the Mat and went to sleep. This fact did not embarrass the merchants who crossed the sleeping and offered a questionable food, Packed in packages. But all this is minor compared to these hordes of mice and some lizards, which run on the car. The journey lasted from 21.00 to 6.00, so the experience was enough. Further trip to the truck I was not even surprised – laughs Dennis.

To get around the Pagan, according to our countryman, easier and cheaper to rent a bike because walking on foot is too long and tedious. For day use you need to pay about two dollars. You can take a cart for $ 15, but this is clearly extreme, so as to control the horse in a foreign country, not knowing the rules, is extremely difficult. You can also rent a car for $ 40 a day.

The pagoda, which holds the teeth of the Buddha

Pagodas in the Ghost town a lot, and to visit them all, you need an incredible amount of time. In the most significant temples of the stored teeth of the Buddha. These pagodas are usually covered with gold, and the area around them as ennobled. Pagoda simpler lined with red or white stone. Near the most visited are merchants, offering tourists Souvenirs, and the kids, armed with lanterns, helps the tourists to climb to the top tiers and light the way, and also sells Handicrafts.

The most common occupation is the production of lacquer boxes, figurines or mini versions of the pagodas. Similar items made of bamboo, and then cover with several layers of lacquer.

– If you want to explore the local pagoda in more detail, it may take weeks or even months. Rumor has it that one of the temples can grant wishes, so there is always a lot of top officials and senior military officers from all over the earth – saying their wishes at the right time in the right place, true… – says Denis.

At Bagan no two temples. According to Denis, almost every major temple there is a bell and if you hit it three times and make a wish it will come true.

Also legend has it that beneath the city are many caves in which countless treasures are stored. At the time they hid the keepers of the temples. So don’t come to Bagan for spiritual development…

A monk at the time

In Bagan, and throughout Manyame, many monks. The fact is that according to religious requirements, each person becomes for a time a monk even in childhood. This is done to purify the soul, its education and spiritual development.

Every morning and evening the monks went on the streets to collect alms. So Buddhists calm pride. Give alms food. Money monks to take strictly prohibited. Real monks in this country do not have the right to have any property, in addition to the minimum set of clothes and Essentials.

– I think there is something in this education, try to walk barefoot with a bowl, begging for even a week or a month, relying only on what you give as alms! It is worth noting that the monks beg food not only for themselves. Usually at the monastery are orphans or children from very poor families, says Denis.

The country with mobile capital

Now the capital of Myanmar – the city of Naypyidaw. Until 2006, the country’s capital was Yangon. But then the astrologers decided that the capital should be moved, and be heard. However, astrologers in the country is very revered. In Alone there is even a whole street where you live astrologers, and anyone can know your future and destiny.

By the way, local rulers made such transfers frequently. It was believed that every city is destined has its own measure of happiness. And when fate turns away from the city, it is necessary to leave and build a new one. Also, each ruler was sure that the city, as the thing that keeps the memory and thoughts of the previous Governor that the new king to anything. So often he organized the capital again.

Manami now the population is about 47 million people, and in this cultural country is home to over 100 nationalities. Each has its own dialect, and apparently they are, according to Denis, distinguishable from each other. The name of the country translates as “quick” and “strong”.

Maxim was surprised that in Manyame not seven, but eight days a week. The fact that the environment the locals are divided into two days – why, our countryman could not be found.

And yet the residents manami no names. But before the name has a special prefix, indicating the age, gender and status.

In the next part of the story Melitopol traveler tells you about the exotic dishes of fried sparrows and tails of oxen, why women are smearing their faces with a yellow substance, and men chew tobacco.