A resident of the Sumy region dismantled railway for scrap

Житель Сумской области разобрал железную дорогу на металлолом

A resident of the Sumy region took the train way more than five hundred various parts, hoping to pass them as scrap. About it reported in Department of communications of the regional police.

21 July, another police officer the police drew attention to a wheeled tractor that was near the track message Revealed Korsakovka. In a tractor trailer under the hay law enforcement officers found more than five hundred parts of a railway track – pads, crutches, clamps, linings, bolts with various accessories and the like. A tractor driver was 42-the summer local resident.

On a scene it was caused it is investigative-task force which that same day conducted a search of farms suspected of committing a theft. During a search found about 50 similar parts. All found the equipment and a chainsaw converted into the grinder with the function of cutting metal, and special key were seized by the police.

In relation to men of the open criminal proceedings under article “theft” the Criminal code of Ukraine. It check on participation in Commission of similar crimes in the city and in the district. The pretrial investigation proceeds.