A resident of the USA photographed the space fleet Nibiru

A typical photograph of the Sun through a special lens was the evidence of the approaching UFO.

Жительница США сфотографировала космический флот Нибиру

A resident of the city of Salem, USA, has published on his page in Facebook video, which talked about a strange phenomenon that she took a picture on my phone. The photo shows the object with the green hue that looks like a classic flying saucer, only large sizes. Next to UFOs spotted many accompanying ships.

In the Network believe that the fleet came from the mysterious planet X. the Aliens approached Earth close enough to make contact or proceed to the destruction of mankind. The theory converges with the assumption ufologists, awaiting the appearance of the planet in the near future. To cope with the massive alien invasion people will not be able due to weak technology, inferior to alien.

Also the appearance of the fleet associated with the closure of 7 observatories which can track aliens. Experts believe that the alien invasion from Nibiru may start in the near future, when planet X will approach the Earth at a sufficient distance.

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